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"Learn To Fly 2" is the sequel to the "Learn To Fly 1" game that was produced several years back, and is the second in the franchise. What makes this game a lot better than it's predecessor is that the game itself is a vast improvement over the original in almost every conceivable way. Better music, more intuitive, interesting game mechanics and faster paced action. You go further, fly harder, and soar higher to the heavens than you would have before with a more in-depth and customized upgrade system that allows you to upgrade not only your base stats (such as ramp height, and length), but also improve your upgrades.

How to play

Learn to Fly 2

Sounds fun, right? So then how do you play it? It's pretty simple. Much like the first "Learn To Fly" game, you load up the game through whatever flash game archive website you use to access it. From there, you're greeted with a cutscene that explains the story of the entire game. You can skip it if you just want to get to the action, but if you decide to sit down and watch it you at least find out the motivation for why the penguin wants to fly. It's nothing really complex. He's a penguin, penguins don't fly, and that's what he wants to do. Except of course in the sequel he's sort of already dead. Or at least to the point that he's not the same as he was in the first which is visualized by the fact that he has X's in his eyes and he's just sort of laying there limply on whatever device you have him with.

Game controls

Then starts the tutorial. It gives you a basic rundown of what the game is like. Shows you how to use your controls, namely the arrow keys or A & D keys to tilt the penguin, and even instructs you to make some basic upgrade purchases. After that, you're pretty much left on your own to do what you want. You can either continue to fly as far and as fast as you can and accumulate money for upgrade purchases, or you can go straight up into the upgrade screen, and purchase your upgrades. You can either increase ramp height, ramp length, special bonuses such as extra power-ups to show on the screen, the power of your tools (such as sleds, propellers, etc), or anything else to help you achieve your goal of getting your penguin to fly. The best part of it all? Each upgrade isn't just an incremental upgrade either. So purchasing even one upgrade allows you to see the fruit of your labor and has a distinct and noticeable effect on your flying strength. This means that you don't need to really focus on having balanced upgrades either. If you truly wanted to you could just save up for one upgrade and then completely decimate any other records that you've had before. For every $100 that you spend in research on your poor penguin, you'll see almost $150 returned.