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"Learn To Fly 3" is a game that definitely broke the mold on the "Learn To Fly" series, which was created by Game Designer light_bringer777. Instead of simply creating a rehash of the same concept with new graphics, music, and everything, Light_Bringer777 redesigned the game from the ground up to deliver a product that not only took the venerated and critically praised game series in a new direction,but also created something that has a lot more depth to it despite being an improvement in every conceivable way.

How to play

Learn to Fly 3

The basic story of the "Learn To Fly" series is pretty simple really. In it, you're a penguin who wants to fly, and will do whatever he can to achieve that goal. Why does he want to fly? It's assumed it's because penguins are birds, and that's something that birds do. Penguins really don't seem to have much going for them. This is all explained in the opening cutscenes that you can skip if you want, but watching the cutscene does at least give you some sort of insight into the plight of the penguins. In fact, this time, around, in the third installment it's not just a single penguin who's doing this in his cabin. You have a whole research team of penguins devoted to the sole task of sending this one penguin to the sky, and achieving orbit.

While you also play the game you have a literally endless supply of different options for customization as well. previous games in the series didn't really change up the screen formula a whole lot, aside from occasional changes depending on what equipment you purchased. In "Learn To Fly 3" and "Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked" you literally have an endless amount of options to change not only what tools you use to achieve flight, but even change screen and music. After a while, you can use "BP coins" that you earn doing achievements that can change your interface screen, to even purchase music to play while flying, which include a heavy amount of rock and roll to get you pumped up.

Special Tricks

Some of the best tips and tricks for getting as high as you can and maximizing your profits though so you can earn limitless money within the game? Since you no longer have to worry about angle now while falling through the sky, one of the best bits of advice you can get is to invest in upgrading your propulsion systems early on. Always purchase something that adds power, thrust, and fuel to your rockets, and for your launching mechanism don't be afraid to splurge on all of your money as well. It's generally seen that for every $100 you spend, you earn $150 the next go around, so don't be afraid to save up and then just go wild on those.

All in all, "Learn To Fly 3" is definitely one of the best games of the bunch with the most polish to it.