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Learn to Fly Hacked

Part of what makes the "Learn To Fly" game series so addicting to play is their ease of use. You can literally play it anywhere that you have flash game access. Want to play it at home while taking a break? Log into the many different flash game websites that have the game in their catalog. Want to take a break at work and load up a quick couple of rounds? Turn off the music, load it up, take it easy. On your laptop in a place that offers free Wi-Fi? No one's going to judge you for wanting to toss a penguin into the air and have a good time.

Part of the problem with the game though is that it does take a little while to get a lot of the good stuff. Like most games of its kind, you have to actively work to improve your penguin and his ability to fly. So let's say you just want to see how far you can fling the cute little guy without all the hassle, or you lost your save and don't want to start over from scratch. What then?

"Learn To Fly 1 Hacked" essentially allows you to create a system of "Learn to Fly 2 Cheats" that allow you to go in, mess with the game parameters, and customize every little conceivable option in the game at your convenience. Want all the best upgrades? Want infinite money? Want everything? It's all there at your fingertips for whenever you want it, and you don't even have to spend hours of playtime to get exactly what you want!

Hack Information: Press 1 for money, 2 to refuel, less gravity.