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"Learn To Fly 1" is one of those sorts of flash games that come along that are pretty simple in design, but intuitive to what makes games extremely fun to play with that don't require a lot of time or dedication to get good at. It possesses some pretty simple game mechanics, and in all honesty, that's a major part of the appeal of the game. In it, you play a penguin who has one goal: To fly. To achieve that, he'll use any sort of tools at his disposal to do that, including using gliders, propulsion systems, and even increasing the height and angle of the ramp he's using to achieve a high amount of velocity to do that.

How to play

Learn to Fly

And that's essentially the game in a nutshell. Designed by Game Designer light_bringer777 who's credited with the creation of the "Learn To Fly" series, the purpose of the game is to essentially to take your penguin avatar and use the game and it's mechanics to the best of your ability to get as high as you can, to go as far as you can, for as long as you can. It's those three parts that are the driving force of the game, and the longer, higher, faster you go the more money you earn for penguin research. Whats penguin research? In between levels you use the money you made from trying to fly to increase certain attributes of your penguin that can help you in your next run try to get farther and higher. Research might include mundane things such as increasing the height of the ramp, the length of the ramp, and even add fuel to your propellers. It can even include other boosts to your penguin character as well such as purchasing the ability to "double" jump, or have your penguin be lighter, or any number of different things that you can purchase.

Game controls

Sounds pretty simple, right? also the fact that you don't need a whole lot of controls to play also make it, even more, fun as well. Essentially you only need the left and right arrow key (Or the A & D key respectively) to "tilt" your penguin as he descends. Get a proper tilt and you'll either ascend higher into the sky or descend slowly against the wind resistance and land further. By keeping your penguin in certain positions you can change the angle he flies or lands at, and that's how you maximize money.

Special Tricks

So what sort of special tricks go into the Learn To Fly game to get the best score? Simple: Keep your penguin at a 45-degree angle upon both ascension after leaving the ramp, and while descending after falling down from the sky.this ensures that you get the best possible score that you can get. Or you spin him around in a circle, which is always fun to do.

No matter what you choose to do, though, the game is fun, with a narrative part to it that you can't help but love to watch, and hope that through both you and the penguins hard work, he can eventually learn to fly and be happy.